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Cortney Jebelian, MA, LPC is a mental health counselor in practice since 2015. She’s a trained Cognitive Behavior Therapist with experience in helping those living with anxiety disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, eating disorders, maladaptive perfectionism, and chronic depression. Her approach to therapy can be summed up as, “Do more of what works, do less of what doesn’t, use evidence-based practice with humility whenever possible.” A Western Michigan University alumna, she graduated with a Master of Arts in Counselor Education with an emphasis on Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She draws from the values of both counseling’s humanistic tradition and from change-oriented Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help people meet their goals. In addition to her work as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, she was a member of one of the first Linehan Board of Certification Dialectical Behavior Therapy teams. Her most recent accomplishments include becoming the first intensively trained Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy clinician in West Michigan. Since 2020, she has transitioned to becoming a telementalhealth provider with a clinical focus on OCD and anxiety. She enjoys the flexibility of online therapy, which allows her to fulfill her mission to provide evidence-based and affordable treatment to people throughout Michigan.

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